The 15th of June is an important date for all gastronomy lovers with the arrival in Marbella (and more precisely in the 5 stars hotel & spa PUENTE ROMANO) of the “king of fusion cuisine” and inventor of the NOBU STYLE.

Japanese chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa loves Marbella, its ambience and style, and that’s why we have the honor of having the first NOBU restaurant in Spain, here in Marbella, a completely amazing restaurant that attracts attention thanks to its design by Jean-Pierre Martel in collaboration with StudioPCH Malibu, its beautiful and large terrace, its cocktail offer and of course for its gastronomy which is inspiring all over the world.

LA PLAZA PUENTE ROMANO, the ideal place to spend an amazing night

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to be able to taste the cuisine of the undisputed master and also in very good company (with Jana Pulk, the marketing manager of PUENTE ROMANO and the bloggers Marina Llorca and Patricia García) and waououuuu, How to say, I could summarize our dinner in two words: CULINARY ORGASM as I like to say!

 I am a fan of Asian cuisine in general and I think there are some great gastronomic offers in Marbella but I must admit that NOBU pleasantly surprised me!

“The NOBU style is the perfect representation of contemporary japanese cooking style and concretely nikkei, with the touch of Peruvian: the perfect culinary mix between Japan and Peru.

We were able to enjoy about ten dishes (desserts included) and I do not think I am mistaken if I tell you that we were totally impressed by the high level of cuisine. This is by far the best sashimi with lemon that I tasted in my life! I was also impressed by the quality of the desserts. As a French, I am quite difficult and I must admit that the desserts in Spain disappoint me very often … well here is the opposite and I really recommend you take a dessert if you dine at the NOBU !
But back to our story …


Lemon sashimi with soy sauce and wasabi, salmon sashimi with soy sauce and garlic purée, amberjack, crab tempura, chicken skewer, grilled cod and BBQ sauce, sushi and californian rolls, cheesecake and strawberry ice cream , Crème brûlée with mango …
I put directly all the photos of these delicious dishes so that you can appreciate the quality of the dishes and their respective presentations!


NOBU is simply a chance for Marbella and for our palates, a gastronomic experience that I recommend to all. You already know that I love a lot PUENTE ROMANO. It is one of the most elegant and emblematic place in Marbella, the perfect place to enjoy a drink in a beautiful setting with friends, family or couple. NOBU is exactly what was lacking in PUENTE ROMANO!

I would definitely recommend it and especially if you have the opportunity to go there, I would definitely recommend you to taste one of their cocktails at the litchee and vodka, the codfish and its barbecue sauce, the lemon sashimi, their sushi and desserts in general!


Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa is located between Marbella et Puerto banús, 45mn from Málaga city!


NOBU: / @nobuhotels / @nobumarbella

I really hope you enjoyed this gastronomic post! See you soon for more contents about our MARBELLA ! XXX