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Today we are going to continue the serie of the “Most beautiful villages of Andalusia” and…how not to write an article about Casares, the ultimate white Andalusian village located on the southwest of the province of Málaga.

Declared historical-artistic village in 1978, Casares and its urban center is an essential stop if you are travelling in Marbella or the area. Casares is an authentic village and a total jewel of the province of Málaga with its whitewashed and small streets, the ruins of the Arab fortress, the birthplace house of Blas Infante (considered as the father of the Andalusian homeland), its beautiful church and cemetery.

The most beautiful? Its several viwepoints offer spectacular panoramic views over the whole village, the mountain and the sea.

The most interesting? Its tradicional & popular village festivals

Romería of the Virgin of the Rosary (penultimate weekend of the month of May)

Medieval market of Casares (month of July)
Fair of the “Barriada Secadero” (third weekend of the month of July)
Fair of August of Casares (first weekend of the month of August)
Feast of Our Lady Virgin of the Rosary of the Field (first weekend of the month of September)
Fair of the Holy Christ (second weekend of the month of September)
Chestnut fair


My favorite one is the tradicional medieval market where you’ll find a medieval tabern, exhbitions of old arts, technics…

Casares, also cold the “hanging village” is simply magnificent and I sincerely recommend everyone to visit the old town & enjoy some tapas and the good gastronomy!

Bye everybody and let’s enjoy the photos of our day trip! XXX

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